How to Use a Canadian Proxy

How to Use a Canadian Proxy

Regardless of your physical location, with a Canadian-based proxy you are able to bypass Internet browsing restrictions established on your network. You can also browse the net anonymously because a proxy hides your IP address to secure your personal information and protect your privacy online. The index of Canadian proxy sites is extensive, but once you find a proxy with its server located in Canada, making use of it is a simple and quick task.


  1. Visit the Canada Proxy website (see Resources). Canada Proxy is a free-to-use Canadian proxy that enables you to bypass any browsing restrictions established on networks of educational institutions, workplaces and similar facilities. With Canada Proxy, your browsing experience will become faster because you will navigate to any website through its server. In addition, this proxy keeps your browsing activities anonymous.

  2. Type the URL of any website you would like to visit using this proxy in the text box displayed at the bottom of the Canada Proxy page.

  3. Click on the "Go" tab next to the text box and Canada Proxy will redirect you to the website you want to visit, using their proxy.

  1. Go to the site (see Resources). is a cost-free proxy side based in Canada. This proxy allows you to access blocked websites on your network through its servers and it also hides your IP address so you remain anonymous when visiting any web destination.

  2. Enter the web address of the website you would like to access using this proxy in the text field at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click the "Surf Now!" button next to the text field and will fetch your desired websites while keeping you anonymous and secured behind its server.

  1. Browse to the proxy site (see Resources). This free proxy gives you the opportunity to regain browsing freedom regardless of your network's restrictions. also provides anonymity when you navigate the web.

  2. Type the URL of any website you would like to visit using this proxy in the text bar found in the lower half of the page.

  3. Click "Browse!" and will send you to the desired website with your information concealed behind its Canada-based server.

Tips and warnings
  • There are other Canadian proxy sites you can also use to browse the Internet. Websites such as Free CGI Proxy List, A-Z Proxies and Free Web Proxy List display an array of Canadian proxies. (See Resources.)
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