How to Add People on MySpace

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To accept a friend's request

  • How to Add People on MySpace

    Log into your Myspace account and go to your home page.
  • How to Add People on MySpace
    Find your "My Mail" box on the left hand side and there will be an icon that says "New Friend Requests!".
  • How to Add People on MySpace
    Click on that link and the next screen will come up as a sub-section of your Myspace inbox.
    • Approve: You'll automatically become their friend and be added onto their friend's list.
    • Deny: They will not become your "friend" and the request is dropped.
    • Spam: The friend request will be notified to Myspace officials - this option is used for bots or account advertisements.

To add people to your friend's list

  • How to Add People on MySpace
    Go to that specific user's Myspace page.
  • How to Add People on MySpace
    Find their Connect button.
  • How to Add People on MySpace
    Click on the Connect option
  • How to Add People on MySpace
    You can also use the "Invite Friends" option


  • If you receive a friend's request from someone that has a private profile, you will not see their profile until after you accept their request. If you wish to see it and still unsure, add them as a friend, view their profile, and immediately delete them from your friend's list.
  • Be aware of people that love posting bulletins. People who are into "MySpace Trains" and the "Add Me" addicts will flood your bulletin list. If you have other people on your friend's list that you wish to see bulletins from, it's best to avoid these kinds of people or to delete them as soon as possible.
  • Remember, when displaying and sharing your profile that many human resources departments will find the social sites of prospective employees. If you keep your drunken pictures and anti-government ramble password protected, only people you select to be your friends will see it.
  • Use your judgment when sharing your profile with others. Your mother is right you know, there are a lot of bad people out there.
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